Cutthroat Spawning Season!

Spring is Here!

Which means the cutthroat  spawning season is just around the corner. Many of the Feathered Hook fishing trips include private access to several cutthroat subspecies.  The usual cutthroat spawning season spans from March – July, depending on the specific cutthroat. The Snake River Cutthroat tend to spawn from March – mid May,  the Bonneville Cutthroat spawn from mid April – June, and the Yellowstone Cutthroat spawn from the end of May – mid July. With the Western Wyoming snowpack exceeding 130%-150% this year, we can expect the cutthroat spawning season to begin a bit later than normal.

Of the water at Feathered Hook, five locations grant our clientele with access to cutthroat infested water. Spring Creek Meadows (including Salt River), Greys River, Smith’s Fork, and our pack trips (including Big Elk Creek).

When this cutthroat spawning season begins, Please tread lightly to insure a bright future for our trout.  With these fishing trips just around the corner, be sure to call us as soon as you can to book your private fly fishing experience before it’s too late. Please do not hesitate to contact us with further questions regarding your trip.

We’ll see you soon!

Zack holding his 4-5 lb cutthroat, caught during the cutthroat spawning season in June of 2013 with Feathered Hook.

Erik and Zack, hooking up on some large Cutthroat.