An Exclusive Private Fly-Fishing Club with Over 100 Miles of Premier Water in Western Wyoming

At Feathered Hook, we provide our members with a private, unique fishing
experience on secluded waters. You will have exclusive access to some of the
most spectacular trout fisheries in the west.

  • Feathered Hook Membership *Limited Time Introductory Offer*

  • $2000per year
  • Become a member of Feathered Hook and get access to exclusive fishing waters. With our apps, you will be able to reserve sections of water, so they will be just yours for the day.


    * By purchasing, you agree to the Membership Agreement and Rules and Regulations.

  • Feathered Hook Family Membership *Limited Time Introductory Offer*

  • $5000per year
  • Family membership includes 4 immediate family members and you will receive two membership logins to make reservations with our apps, you will be able to reserve sections of water, so they will be just yours for the day.

    * By purchasing, you agree to the Membership Agreement and Rules and Regulations.

As a Member of Feathered Hook, you will have remote, private access to these waters:

  • Green River
  • Salt River
  • New Fork River
  • Ham’s Fork River
  • Smith Fork River
  • South Piney Creek
  • Middle Piney Creek

  • Fish Creek
  • Beaver Creek
  • Cottonwood Creek
  • Crow Creek
  • Swift Creek
  • Multiple Spring Creeks

As well as access to these public waters (via private property):

  • Green River
  • Salt River
  • Smith Fork River
  • Greys River
  • New Fork River

As a Member you will have access to drift boats, Aire Rafts and pontoon boats that will be available to use on various floats.

Each of the waters available to you as a member of Feathered Hook is accessed from private property. This guarantees that when you fish these properties, you won’t have to contend with numerous anglers for fishing zones. At our more exclusive properties, you will be able to schedule the designated water for the day to ensure that you have all the privacy you desire.

As a Member you will also be given the opportunity to rent one of our stylish Feathered Hook cabins at a discounted rate.

As a Member you will have access to our Feathered Hook Fly Shop with your members discount code for all your fly fishing gear.

At Feathered Hook, we believe in responsible stewardship. We’ve invested thousands of dollars in fish habitat restoration to give our members a premier fly-fishing experience.


What is Feathered Hook?

Feathered Hook is an exclusive fly fishing club with over 100 miles of private water in Western Wyoming.  As a member, you will have access to the Feathered Hook app, where you will reserve your section of water, on a day of your choosing.

Your reserved section of water will be yours alone
or with the group of your choice, for the day!

The annual cost includes a 1 year membership, beginning on the date you join.

As a member, you will have discounted access to drift boats, aire rafts, and pontoon boats. To reserve your boat contact a member of the Feathered Hook team by email or call 1-888-FLY-FISH.

Membership allows you deep discounts in our online store (coming soon). You will receive a discount code to use on all purchases while you are a member.

Members will also receive discounts for accommodations at one of our cabins or one of our partner locations.

How to Join

  • Click on “Become a Member today” or “Test the Waters” on our membership page.
  • Click add to cart, which will add your one-year membership or trial membership to the shopping cart.
  • Click on the cart and follow the steps to purchase your selected membership.
  • Once you purchase, you will receive a confirmation email right away. Within 2 business days, you will receive your login for the Feathered Hook app.

Auto-renewal will occur on the anniversary of your one-year membership at your current rate

What happens after I become a member?

You will receive an email within 2 business days. It will include your login and password for the app. At this point, you can download the app, login and start reserving your private waters. It will also include a request to email us a picture for your membership card.

Once we receive your picture, you will be mailed a welcome package, that will include a welcome letter with your membership card. This card, along with your Wyoming fishing license will need to be with you at all times as you fish our private waters. We will monitor the waters so we can maintain exclusivity for Feathered Hook members.

If you have any questions, please call us at 1-888-FLY-FISH.

Feathered Hook is offering an introductory rate of $2,000 annually for our first 50 members!

That’s 43% off the normal asking price. You’ll keep that rate as long as you maintain your membership.

Use Promo code: FISHON when checking out to receive your savings.