Family Fly Fishing on the Spring Creeks Meadows

  • Feathered Hook’s Spring Creek Meadows property is a great place for the family to enjoy a weekend of fly fishing.  Some great memories were made last week with a Father and Son day on the Spring Creeks.   Both were fairly new to the sport  and eager to learn more about the aspects of casting, fly selection and hatches.  The son had only cast a fly rod a handful of times, but by lunch he was casting like a champ.


  • With cloud cover and some wind throughout the day, it gave us an opportunity to go “hunt” some big browns.  With  low light conditions and some chop on the water it made it somewhat difficult to spot a brown trout we could work.  Finally spotting a prime candidate to cast to, the game was on.  We were tucked in a patch of willows to conceal ourselves, but it made casting a challange.  We didnt need to cast far,  just accurately.  Wind and willows are not a good combonation for this task.  A few casts later we were hooked into a large brown trout that took off, making the reel sing that beatiful song that big fish do.  After the hard faught battle was won, Father and son were holding the fish of the day for the camera.



Family Fly Fishing on the Spring Creek Meadows

  •   The Spring Creek Meadows property can be a great place for kids and adults alike that are wanting to learn the sport as a beginner or to test the seasoned fly fisherman wanting a challange.   Feathered Hook has all types of fishing situations on the Spring Creeks.  From  large open casting areas to small creeks lined with willows requiring precision casting.   Families are always welcome on any of our water, it’s always a pleasure to see kids catching fish.  Our goal is to put fly rods into the hands of as many kids as possible.