Fall Brown’s in the Salt? Not Yet.

The leaves have turned, the elk have stopped bugling, and a dusting of snow has come and gone. Where are the Brown’s? With Palisades at 2% capacity and warm temperatures this fall, the Brown’s have not felt the urge to begin their accent up the Salt River quite yet. This week is bringing cold temps though and I am hopeful. With a dusting of snow last night and the high in Star Valley in the mid 30’s they are sure to begin showing up.

In anticipation to their arrival, streamers are being tied, and sink tips are being strung up. Out in the Spring Creek Meadows, a few Brown’s have already begun to come up into the riffles and choose their spot on the gravel beds. The Salt River within the Spring Creek Meadows property is their final destination after leaving Palisades’s reservoir. Here they will deposit their eggs for next year’s generation of trophy Brown Trout.

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