Fishing in July, Spring Creek Meadows and SmithsFork River

July is Heating up and the Fishing is as well!  The Bugs are coming off Strong on the Spring Creek Meadows and the Smith’s Fork

.  The current Hatches on the Spring Creeks and Salt River are Grass Hoppers, Ants, Gray Drakes, PMD’s, Caddis, Golden Stones(Simulators), Yellow Sally’s, Callibaetis, Cripple PMD’s Callibaetis and Drakes, Leeches, Scuds, Water Boatman and Pheasant Tails.

Clients are Having fun on the Spring Creeks, Crow Creek as well as the Salt River. The Watt’s landed 4 species of fish in one day.  A 18 inch Snake River Cutthroat, 15 inch Brown Trout, 16 inch Brook Trout and a 13 inch Tiger Trout.  But who’s Counting!  The Monster Browns are starting to tail and that makes for some fun spot and stalk Fishing.

The Smiths Fork River hatches are Grass Hoppers, Stone flies, Golden Stones (Simulators), Ants, Streamers Nymphs, Pheasant Tail, and Drakes with Rubber legs.

The Smith Fork River been producing good fish off the top and still eating nymphs sub surface.  The Browns and Bonneville Cutthroat are looking up and are hungry.

The Wildlife is abundant, Bald and Golden Eagles Soar above the Rivers looking to do some fishing of there own.  The Whitetail deer are meandering around the Spring Creeks and come bounding out of the tall grass to give you a nice shock.  The Antelope and Mule deer are gazing along the Smiths fork River in the morning and evenings. The Elk can be seen in the distance in the early morning on the hills above the river.   Cow Moose and Calves are frequently seen on the floats down the Salt River.

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