Hoppers on Smith’s Fork

These last two days have been spent around Smith’s Fork. Remington Roberts and I set out to add the native Bonneville Cutthroat to his Wyoming Cutt Slam list. We set out late Tuesday morning not knowing what to expect with the hatch. As we arrived, we watched as Green Drakes hatched before our eyes, Golden Stones filled the sky, and Grasshoppers became the melody we heard throughout the day. The majority of the fish caught were Bonneville Cutthroat while Rem added a Brown Trout to his list of catches for the day as well. The average catch was between 12 – 15 inches while some pushed into the higher teens and one scoring in at 21 inches in length. The hoppers made for a fast paced day as the Trout slammed the surface. The beautiful colors the Bonnevile Cutthroat had to offer made the trip worth every penny!