Hoppers are Here!

Hoppers Are Here!

The hoppers are out and the fish are hungry!

With dry flies clouding all visual perception, the trout are eating any well-presented fly—but when the hoppers begin to take over the grasslands, the local trout begin to look up with a ferocious appetite! The water in each of our pristine locations is getting clearer and clearer, enabling the fish to rise for their meals more often than usual. Although  last year was an incredible year for fishing, it seems each year continues to improve here at Feathered Hook. The success on the water is phenomenal, allowing each member of the family a chance at landing an enormous trout. Don’t miss out on a fishing trip of your own here at Feathered Hook. Come throw on a large hopper and experience the heart pumping adrenaline as they leap for your deceptive presentation.

When the hoppers arrive, our Brown, Brooke, and Cutthroat Trout are all involved in the chase. Whether you want to stick close to town, disappear to one of our private mountainous locations, or float the Green and Salt Rivers, the fish will be very active and looking for their next meal.

 Here is a look at some of last years’ hopper action on the Smith’s Fork. Don’t wait to book your trip! Now is the time to join-in on the action.