Spring Creek Habitat work is paying off!

With temperatures warming up slowly, we are seeing fish taking advantage of the improved Spring Creek Habitat.   Trout are taking up positions in the rehabilitated Spring Creeks and are eating quite comfortably.  With more improvements on the way, we should have an outstanding season this year.

The Salt River is coloring up below Crow Creek.  Above Crow Creek is still crystal clear and holding some good Cutthroat.  You can still get into fish in the colored water by working streamers in deeper holes.  With lots of snow still in the mountains, spring runoff will continue for the better part of a month.  We’ve got our fingers crossed for some clarity in the river during the first part of July for salmonflies, but dont hold your breath it could be a lengthy runoff period.

If you are wanting to get the season started right away with some excellent fly fishing, our Spring Creeks are clear and fishing great.  Midges are still piling up in masses on the edges and on calm days, trout are gobbling up midges as fast as they can.  Size 22-24 parachutte midges are working well, cluster midge pattern are successful also.  Fish have also been chasing streamers pretty regularly.  On calmer days, a caddis/water boatman combo has produced some good quality fish lately.

Picture 017

Picture 018