Spring Creeks are producing results

A few evenings ago on the Spring Creeks in Afton,  a few Feathered Hook guides took a few casts after feeding horses.   Six fish and three species later (in less than 30 minutes) the fishing bug was satisfied, for the moment.  The fish are hungry and willing to eat.

  • Fish have been rising to midges heavy throughout the day
  • Caddis will be coming on in a month or so if not sooner
  • Early July we should start seeing PMD’s, Grey Drakes, Yellow Sallies, and Calibaetis in good numbers

Feathered Hook offers some of the best private fly fishing in the west.  With almost 100 miles of private water to fish, we have what you’re looking for in order to satisfy your passion for fly fishing.   Our Spring Creeks are primed and ready to fish.  If you are interested in hunting for a trophy Brown Trout, this is the place.  There are several Brown’s on the property that will push 8 POUNDS!   Don’t count out our Cutthroat and Brooke Trout either, there are a few jaw droppers lurking  about as well.

If you are looking for an early season fly fishing destination, Feathered Hook has the water to meet your needs.  While most other rivers are blown out due to spring run-off, the Spring Creek Meadows does not muddy up and is fishing really well already.

We are looking forward to the hatches to come.  Grey Drakes will be coming off in July, an exciting time on the Spring Creeks, bringing the very large brown’s to the surface to take dries!

Picture 011

Dan produces a nice Brooke Trout

Picture 010

Jason lands an excellent Brown


Jason fighting a Brown

Picture 008

Jason lands a nice Cutty