Crow Creek

Crow Creek is located at our Spring Creek Meadows property and is a small tributary of the Salt River.

Feathered Hook owns the last 2 miles of Crow Creek before it flows into the Salt River. Snake River, Brown and Brook Trout are plentiful is this small Creek. Over grown willows make it a technical fly fishermen’s dream. Cast into the ripples, the deep undercut banks or try and make the perfect cast under the willow branch for a chance to hook into one of the many large trout that call this home.

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Recommended Flies To Use

Dry Flies – Midges, Blue Wing Olives, Calibaetis, Caddis, Grey Drakes, Crane Flies, Salmon Flies

Nymphs – BH Stone, BH Caddis pupa, BH Hares Ear, BH Zebra Midge,  BH Golden Stone, BH Crane Fly Larva, Scuds, Sow Bugs, Salmonfly nymph

Streamers – Sculpin Patterns, Articulated,  Black, White, Olive, Combos of these colors

Dry Flies – Gray/Green Drakes, PMDs, Hoppers, Crickets, Ants, Beatles, Adams, Crane Fly

Nymphs – BH Pheasant Tail, BH Hares Ear, BH Caddis, Drowned Hopper, WD 40, BH Prince, Copper John

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