Take a full day trip on the Green River and enjoy world-class fishing

Green River Float Trips

Route Time Price
Sommers to the Dunham Ranch 5-8hr float $650
Dunham Ranch to 351 bridge 5-7hr float $650
  • All trips on the Green River are full day floats
  • Full day trips include lunch and drinks
  • Gratuity not included – please tip your guides

Recommended Flies To Use

Dry Flies – Midges, Blue Wing Olives, Calibaetis, Caddis, Grey Drakes, Crane Flies, Salmon Flies

Nymphs – BH Stone, BH Caddis pupa, BH Hares Ear, BH Zebra Midge,  BH Golden Stone, BH Crane Fly Larva, Scuds, Sow Bugs, Salmonfly nymph

Streamers – Sculpin Patterns, Articulated,  Black, White, Olive, Combos of these colors

Dry Flies – Gray/Green Drakes, PMDs, Hoppers, Crickets, Ants, Beatles, Adams, Crane Fly

Nymphs – BH Pheasant Tail, BH Hares Ear, BH Caddis, Drowned Hopper, WD 40, BH Prince, Copper John

Dunham Ranch is strategically located on the Green River to take advantage of 30 miles of limited access

Dunham Ranch

The Dunham Ranch is host to the last seven miles of the Cottonwood Creek before it merges with the blue-ribbon Green River. With the combination of deeded property on the Green and Cottonwood Creek, this ranch will offer world-class fishing of Browns, Cutthroat, and Rainbows. It is also strategically located on the Green River to take advantage of 30 miles of limited access. The Dunham Ranch is located at the halfway point on a two-day float on the Green, offering a one of a kind experience to our Clients.

This ranch also has a rich old western history, as a stage coach line passed through the property; it stopped at a hotel and post office which were located on the eastern side. Remnants of old Native American camp sites can be found on the hills overlooking the hotel site, both of which were attacked and burned down by the natives in a range war. There still remains a large pioneer cabin and ranch site that we plan to restore to its original 1860’s beauty and glamour. The Dunham Ranch encompasses over 2,100 acres with another 1,500 leased.

Over 2,100 acres with another 1,500 leased

Rich old western history

World-class fishing of Browns, Cutthroat, and Rainbows

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