Spring Creek

Enjoy a day of Walk and Wade fishing on our Spring Creek Meadows property

If you like technical fly fishing or stalking big fish, this is the place to test and hone your skills.  Spring Creek Meadows has 355 acres in the heart of Star Valley, Wyoming.

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Fish You Might Catch

Recommended Flies To Use

Dry Flies – Midges, Blue Wing Olives, Calibaetis, Caddis, Grey Drakes, Crane Flies, Salmon Flies

Nymphs – BH Stone, BH Caddis pupa, BH Hares Ear, BH Zebra Midge,  BH Golden Stone, BH Crane Fly Larva, Scuds, Sow Bugs, Salmonfly nymph

Streamers – Sculpin Patterns, Articulated,  Black, White, Olive, Combos of these colors

Dry Flies – Gray/Green Drakes, PMDs, Hoppers, Crickets, Ants, Beatles, Adams, Crane Fly

Nymphs – BH Pheasant Tail, BH Hares Ear, BH Caddis, Drowned Hopper, WD 40, BH Prince, Copper John

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