We’ve Got the Gear You Need for Wyoming Fly Fishing

Fly Rods & Reel

Here at Feathered Hook, we take pride in the wild west heritage of Wyoming. The Bucking Horse is an unmistakable symbol of this great state. These rods have been custom made by locals, using different types of wood from around the state. Abel Reels have added the finishing touch with a bucking horse reel.

We offer our clients the use of top of the line gear if needed. We have several different rods weights for any situation. Whether you are casting to rising fish requiring delicate presentations or throwing big streamers, we have the gear you need to get the job done.

Greys River Custom Fly Box

Once the water comes down in June, the Greys River has some great Caddis and Golden Stones hatches. July brings Pale Morning Duns, Yellow Sallies and Grey Drake hatches. Around the beginning of August, grasshoppers become abundant and are the primary food source. After it cools down in the fall there are abundant Blue Wing Olive hatches. Nymph fishermen will find the Greys River a very productive fishery using the nymph stages of all the above mentioned flies. Matching the hatch is not critical on the Greys River.

Your Greys River Fly Box Should Include:

  • Caddis: Elk Hair Caddis; Peacock Caddis; Goddard Caddis
  • Stonefly: Stimulators; Trudes Royal Coachman’s
  • Mayfly: Parachute Adams; Blue-Winged Olives; Cahills
  • Terrestrials: Parachute Hoppers; Dave’s hoppers; Chernobyl Ants
  • Attractors: Royal Wulffs; Humpies; Madam X’s; Turcks Tarantula’s; Double Humpies
  • Nymphs: Beadhead Princes; Pheasant Tails; PMD Emergers; Halfbacks; Hares Ear; Pheasant Tails; Zug Bugs; Anderson’s Golden Stones
  • Streamers: Double Bunnies; Kiwi Muddlers; Wooly Buggers; Matukas; Zonkers; Girdle Buggers; JJ’s Special

Mouse Patterns

The big Browns will regularly take a mouse pattern out on the Spring Creek Meadows, it’s a very exciting way to fish for our bigger trout. Cast your mouse pattern to the far bank and start retrieving. Get ready for the water to explode, keep stripping your fly to “set” the hook, hang on and enjoy the ride.

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